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This is an amazing tax resolution success story!!

In August of 2016 I met with a potential client that had a $2.4M debt. His CPA and everyone around him told him that he would just have to suck it up and pay it. I should tell you here that my client incurred this debt due to poor advice from his CPA as well as having a kidney transplant. His estimated payments never got paid and he did not know until tax time and was unable able to pay them all at once. By December we submitted an offer for $495K and rolled the dice. This case went through the initial offer specialist and was rejected. No worries we like rejections! We went to appeals and dealt with a retiring appeals representative and her manager and even a local case manager before finally receiving an approval. The offer went to counsel. It sat in counsel for almost four months while we kept our fingernails bit to nubs and in February of 2018 we received the official approval! As a bonus (also due to the amount) they reset the 24 month clock to pay off the offer. My client had now been making $5K monthly in good faith and because we chose periodic and was paid in at $60K. With a 24 month payment plan my client began to feverishly pay down the debt. Sometimes $5K per week, sometimes $10K per week. My client decided to (without my knowledge) try to sell his house and put a contract on another knowing he was almost paid off. He made the final payment the same method he always had through EFTPS (The Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) on 10/13/19 and he put in the contracts. Now knowing it would take time for the payments to catch up in the IRS system I began to panic. My client had until Friday 10/18/19 to withdraw his offer and earnest money or risk losing his earnest money if the payments didn't post in time. I called the offer rep and put in a 911 and on 10/24/19 we received a zero balance settlement has been paid in full letter!!!!

Dionne Cheshier, EA, CTRS

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